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2018 Salish Sea in Focus

A Nature Photography Competition in the Pacific Northwest

Entry Period
April 20, 2018 -
June 5, 2018
$1,000 Grand Prize Plus
$5,100 in category prizes
Renowned Judges
Amy Gulick, Cristina Mittermeier, Kevin Schafer

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Image Specifications

  • All images must be in JPEG format, RGB or Grayscale mode, 72ppi, without watermarks, text, logos or other identifying marks. Color space should be sRGB.

  • If meta data is present in the image, it may be used to pre-fill form fields for convenience. However, all meta data will be removed by the submission program before storage to insure anonymous judging.

  • The longer side of your image must be 1024 pixels. The shorter side may be any size up to and including 1024 pixels.

  • Image file size may not be greater than 1000KB (1,024,000) bytes), so adjust your "quality" setting accordingly when producing images for submission.

  • Each image must be the work of the person submitting the image and represent the Salish Sea ecosystem.

No images will be accepted after midnight on the closing date. The cutoff procedure is automated, so be sure your images are submitted and finalized before the deadline. Avoid a last minute rush and get your images submitted well before the deadline. Any submissions still in progress at the cutoff will be discarded. No exceptions.

Image Preparation Tips -

We tend to get a lot of very similar questions about preparing images for submission. While we can't cover all the details for all possible software and platforms, there are lots of resources on the Web that will guide you through the steps to prepare your images.

Many photographers will be using either Adobe's Lightroom or Photoshop. Here are two excellent tutorials on using those programs to prepare your images for submission:

How to Resize Your Images Using:

If you are using some other software, search for "resizing photo using XXX" with XXX being your program and you will probably find lots of resources to help you.

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